Sunday, July 1, 2012

Basic Online Business Model - Part 4

This is the 4th and final part of the Online Business Basic Model.

When you invite someone to join your list and he clicks your link, he will be taken to a capture page or lead generation page.

He will see in the capture page the following things:
1. Key benefits of the gift
2. A picture of the gift
3. A Web Form for him to fill in his name and e-mail address

The sole purpose of this page is to collect the name and e-mail address of your potential subscribers. You should do nothing else with the capture page.

You need to give your visitor some form of incentive to entice him to sign up your list, like giving away an eBook or a discount coupon if you are promoting your online store front. I gave you this report because you gave your name and e-mail address in my capture page.

You can create your own capture page (squeeze page) if you know HTML codes or any web building software like Dream Waver or Front Page. Otherwise you can hire some one from

I use a free web builder, which is click and play and very easy to use. You might like to try it out, go and download at the link below:

Install the program on your computer and run it.
Here’s a brief walk through:

On the screen below click “Create A New, Empty Web Page” tab to start a new page. To edit an existing page, then click the other tab below.

A blank work space will be opened up, do all your works within the blank space. First give your new page a name as shown below, I called it Benson’s Newbies List:

You may upload an image of yourself, or your logo like this, first click the “image” button on the toolbar

The Upload image dialog screen will pop up, select “Choose File” button to browse your computer for the picture which you intend to insert. When you find it, high light it and click OK. Before you do that, don’t forget to fill up the “Alternate text” dialog space. It is for people who can not see the image to read.

It will look some thing like this:

Now, the MOST important element of the squeeze page, the web form, repeat the above to upload it.

Type in the key benefits of receiving your eBook. I typed the following for this eBook:

1. Setting up your domain name
2. Setting up your Web hosting account
3. Setting up your autoresponder
4. Create your Web Form
5. setting up your Capture Page with a free website builder
6. Putting the pieces together to form a working business model

The finished squeeze page will look like this:

The capture page is ready for use.
Upload it to your hosting account. Follow these steps:

1. At your browser URL dialog space type” and hit enter.
2. Go “File Manager”
3. Select “/public_html”
4. Select “Upload” button at the toolbar above
5. A new screen will open up, hit Browse to look this file – your capture page
6. Hit open
7. Your capture page is now on your server
8. Change the name of your capture page to”index.html” (without the quotation marks)
9. Your capture page is live, ready to collect names & e-mail address.


You have now learned all the basic modules of a bare bone model, and you have also put the pieces together to form a working model!
I can hear some of you out there saying,” nay, I know all these stuff long time already!”
True, you have been exposed to these modules before. You may even own some very excellent pieces too. But did you see the relationships between each other? You have always used them as individual pieces, not using them as a whole. The Gurus did not tell you this vital information on purpose, so that you will keep on buying from them to equip yourself.
A hunter who uses only an arrow or a bow but not both together will not have any success. Likewise, an internet marketer must use all the above components together to see any success.

But this model is only sufficient for building your list. You need to expand on it to make it a full fledged online store, or a membership site, or a forum, or a directory. It is better to have a different domain name for each website, so that it will not be Jack of all trades, master of none sort of website. Unless you are confident it will grow up to be like Google, Yahoo and Facebook. That will be a different story!


1. Your domain points to your website
2. Your website house your capture page
3. Your capture page contains the web form to collect names & e-mail address
4. Your list comprises of the names & addresses collected
5. You do not have to wait for customers to come to your website
6. You go to your customers who are in your list

If you have not created your own product yet, you might want to promote the products listed below. But you are required to purchase it, and you will become an affiliate for the merchant as well.

1. 7 Dollar Secrets:
2. Secret Affiliate Weapon 2

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