Monday, May 31, 2010

Traffic Exchanges

Most of us promote our products on our websites to take advantage of the huge number of Internet users out there.But the question is how many of these users are aware of the existence of our websites and come visiting? We must find ways and means to attract these users to visit our sites. When they see our products and like them and click on any of the "buy" buttons, we have a sale!
These streams of visitors to our websites are known as "traffic" in the Internet terms.Several methods are available to drive traffic to your websites, for example Pay-Per-Click (PPC),Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO),Paid text ads,Paid Banners Impressions, etc.But all these methods involve costs, some are expensive,beyond the ability of many, especially when you are just starting out.
Traffic Exchanges offer an alternative to the costly paid traffic generating methods. TE are basically membership sites for ordinary website owners like you and me to join and receive free traffic. Here is how it works,when you view the sites of other members, you earn credits and will be able to use the credits to advertise your website and let other members to view your websites in return. Each credit will allow your website to appear once, if you have lots of credits your website will therefore has lots of visitors.
But there is a big drawback to this method, due to the fact that the majority of the members are people like you and me who are only interested in the free traffic and not in buying any thing.They view your site just to accumulate their credits, they are not interested to look at what you have to offer. Similarly when you surf others' websites you don't bother to take an interest in their pages. So how do you expect to generate sales with this type of traffic?
Here is the important point we learn from the above: that is do not advertise your primary business opportunity in the traffic exchanges. It will be a waste of your hard earned credits. You should advertise your referral links of the traffic exchanges to build your down line.When you build a large down line you will gain lots of credits as over-riding benefits off these referrals even you do not surf often. Better still,if you can convince your down line to buy some tools or incentive for their squeeze pages, you will earn cash as over-rides thus creating a residual income for yourself even before you promote your primary business, isn't it wonderful? On the other hand if all your down lines chose to remain as non paying members, you will not be able to make any money, and there is no point in continuing traffic exchanges with these people. Nothing will produce nothing.(Shakespere)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Auto Responder

As a serious Internet marketer,you can't run your online business successfully without an Auto Responder.
An auto responder will automate many aspects of your business, giving you the freedom to plan for other things.
It will collect names, email addresses from visitors coming to your website, store them. The most important function is the auto responder will send out acknowledgement, thank you and other follow up messages. These messages are fully customised by you before hand and are sent out at strategic intervals,all planned by you yourself.
I know, a good auto responder is expensive and alternatively the monthly payment is high. Now what if I tell you I will point you to a good auto responder for zero fares?
Yes, it is true.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Patience and Consistency

To be successful in your online business, you need the following two things:
patience and consistency.

Do not expect getting rich over night as advertised by many so called "Guru" out there. There are many models of running an online business successfully, once you have picked one which suits you,stick with it and work on it consistently. If you do this, you will see results slowly but surely.

Here is an analogy: 
When the price of chilly is high, due to political situation in Thailand is unstable and also there is dispute at the border between Thailand and Malaysia over the entry at the check-points of certain types of vehicles. No vegetables,including chilly, are allowed to be imported from Thailand.Therefore the price of chilly sky rocketed. If you are a farmer,naturally you will quickly plant lots of chilly to cash in on the situation.But before your chilly can bear fruits, the situation in Thailand has improved, also the dispute at the border is resolved.Many farmers have already planted chilly earlier than you and had shipped out loads and loads of chilly.Suddenly the price of chilly drops like a stone and is worth pennies. The price of tobacco is high due to drought. So you pull out all the chilly in your farm and switch to planting tobacco.But the weather improves and favours the growing of tobacco, soon there is an over production of tobacco. The price of tobacco drops. So what do you do?
You pull out all the half grown tobacco plants in your farm and start planting tomato. What do you get up till now? Nothing, you wasted a lot of time and efforts and gain nothing because you lack patience and consistency.

Similarly in running your online business, do not abandon your project half way to start another project. Otherwise, you will be running in circles and don't make any money online.