Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paid social network sites

Social network sites is the in thing on Internet now.Almost everybody has a Facebook account. Members use the network web to keep in touch,publish information,express personal feelings,advocate different ideologies,etc,etc. Most important,many Internet marketers use it to reach a wider market for their products.

Other popular social network websites include:My Space,Friendster,Twitter,LinkedIn,Tagged and Digg. Cashing on the trend there emerge many new breed of social network websites which pay their members to be active.

On these new websites,it seems promoting one's business opportunities or products has become secondary. The main activity here is to refer as many members as possible, stay on the site as much as possible and of course make as many posts as possible.Each of these activities will earn the member points which is used to calculate how much commissions a member will earn each month. Of course,you have to be a paid member first in order to be eligible for receiving commissions.

These websites are good places for new comers to start to earn some pocket money while learning the skills of Internet marketing, because it does not need any experience to start it only requires a lot of time, and a lot of friends,=:))

Start as a free member first, when your downline grows to a reasonable size, and you have earned enough points then only upgrade later. If the monthly payment is too high, forget it, delete the account. If the monthly payment is low but you are still running at a loss, also forget it, go to another site. However, if after deducting your monthly payment you still have some surplus, stay with it, may be it will grow, it may take some time. Look for this type of websites, having joined many of these sites you may develop a steady income after a while. "Sedikit sedikit,lama lama jadi bukit!"

Below are some of the sites I'm currently testing out, you may join me as a downline by clicking on my referral link:

If you find any new social network website,please email me Benson Law's email,I will add it here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AMR's Pre Launch of Website Tester

Do you like to surf and visit interesting websites of others? If you do, you can earn some money by doing it now.
Alpha Market Research Inc. (AMR) will launch a new website called Website Tester in September. Members will earn commissions by reviewing others' websites. You may refer your friends and over ride their earnings up to 10 levels deep.
You don't have to pay any thing to join. They promise not to charge any payment in future also. But it is hard to say whether they will keep their promise, because there is already signs that they are shifting the goal poles as the response is better than expected.
Your direct referrals will be called my team, members from all parts of the world joining after you will form my group, and you can over ride this group also even though you did not refer them.
Join now FREE to position yourself ahead of others, click the link below to register:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brand yourself

When you decide to venture into Internet Marketing, the first thing you should do is to create a brand for yourself. People will recognise you, slowly trust you and then finally buy from you.

Use your real name instead of a nickname. This is the first essential step to take in gaining the trust of people online. If you have in the past used nicknames to flirt, spam, send hate messages, post hostile messages in chat rooms or forums, delete all of them.Don't ever let any one know these nicks belong to you!

On the other hand, if you have used nicknames in the past but have never done any of the above, you may keep your old nicks because this may help you to network with old friends. If you have being helpful and proven knowledgeable in any field, you are encouraged to associated with these nicks. But still you have to slowly switch to using your real name, and letting those who know your old nicks that you are them.

Don't be shy to let people know your real name whenever you offer them help,they will remember you.Soon you will have a group of loyal followers and you will be on your way to building an online business.