Saturday, May 28, 2011

Put what you have learned to work now.

Most internet marketers,especially us Malaysians, are held back by one very wrong belief when building our online business.We believed that we should learn every thing about internet marketing, have a very solid foundation before doing any real work on our online business, just like the way we must get proper education before joining the work force in real life world. Therefore we bought tools, ebooks, reports and join courses and membership sites. We spend tons of money and hours after hours in training but not making a single cent.We are thus further convinced that we are not ready to start our business yet, we spend more money on buying stuff.
We buy all sorts of software when people tell us to run our business on "auto pilot".
We buy every ebook when the gurus offer to reveal their "tips" and "secrets".
We join one membership site after another because we do not want to miss out any "goldmine" or "treasure".
Stop. You have spent enough already!
It is now time to settle down to review what you have got in your own treasure trough and what you have learned all this while, try to sort them out and put them into good use. You might be able to start making some money right away. The most important thing to do now is to have a proper approach and stick to it, you would be amazed at the result you will get. I would like to suggest an approach briefly here:
  1. Have a website with your own domain name for selling your product and building a list.
  2. Find a nich market.
  3. Creat a product or get someone to create it for you. You may convert a privete label rights (PLR) product and make it your own.
  4. Sell the product at Clickbank,eBay,your own website or by emails to your list.
  5. After making a sale, follow up with other related products or a more complex version of the product just sold at a much higher price.
Apply the above principle to create more products for sale, you then have a long term business. I will write an ebook with full details on the above approach and post the link here. Please check back often.